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About Parinita

Parinita is not just a saree e-shop. It is a platform that celebrates womanhood and women. Women who are proud of who they are, who embody modesty and humility, yet are unapologetic achievers. Parinita aspires to reflect the identity and personality of these women. Here, each saree has an individualistic style, which has the potential to match or to blend in with your personality.

Parinita sarees do not belong to the mass-produced category. They are representatives of Indian heritage and styles, techniques and fabrics that are inherently Indian but entirely global in their appeal. Parinita sarees originate in the districts of Bengal and Bangladesh, each with its own weaving and artistic tradition, going back to Mughal and British times, and fine-tuned over the ages. They offer wonderfully diverse choices in the use of fabrics, textures, colours and patterns. The sarees range from being light and comfortable, making them suitable as everyday attire, to being made of richer fabric with elaborate patterns for wearing during festivals and social events like weddings.

At Parinita, each weave is as unique as you!