Prairie Night, Kantha Silk Saree

Posted on April 05 2018

Prairie Night, Kantha Silk Saree

Kantha is a traditional form of embroidery practiced by Rural women of West Bengal. In the Fashion industry, Kantha stitch work is an inspiration.It used extensively to make beautiful handloom sarees, Dupattas and lots more with Kantha embroidery work.



This is a charming deep turquoise Silk Saree named Prairie Night decorated with colorful kantha embroidered abstract patterns. The Kantha work is arranged in a sloping style along the length of the saree, starting at the pallav and gradually tapering off at the pleats. You will find a variety of similar Kantha Embroidered Sarees on our Online Store.

Blouse Piece: Yes

Price: Rs 8,200

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