Soothing Blue, Dhakai Jamdani

Product Code: JA2483

Rs 3,800

Pallav: Lighter than the body, the pallav is adorned by white pine-tree motifs in the cotton weave, interspersed with yellow and black dots at definite intervals. The two edges are flanked by a border made of thin blue lines

Body: Yellow and black simple flower ornamentation on a turquoise blue background adds depth and finesse to the design of this soft dhakai jamdani saree 

Border: White serrated designs against blue in a fairly wide stretch, holding the vast expanse of blue together in an elegant exquisite manner

Styling tips: Long sleeved blouse in turquoise blue or light blue shades, with see through netting or otherwise. Earrings with a bluish tinge and simple kada on the hands