Beige Love with Madhubani Motifs, Silk Marked Tussar

Product Code: TS1358

Rs 8,610

Pallav: A grand central theme built with simple Madhubani lines in red, blue and orange strokes is the prime attraction of this saree. An array of elegant fish motifs form the mainstay of the design. Simply eye-catching

Body: The Beige in natural weave is a perfect plain and enchanting foil to the Madhubani art that adorns the rest of the saree. Gives the wearer a stately, calm look

Border: Broader at one edge than the other. The broader edge repeats the same fish design as the pallav while the other slimmer edge has simple leafy designs in a set of lines

Styling tips: Bright reddish satin blouse of any hue, warm earrings and simple wristwear will embellish this wonderful Tussar saree