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What do you think the Parinita logo represents? Lemuel Satamkar, the designer of our brand’s logo, shared with us his experience of creating this identity for Parinita.



Q: What does the Parinita logo symbolize?

Lemuel: Femininity, Modern, Bold, Bengali Traditions – these are the four characteristics/ personalities that embody Parinita.

Q: What were some of the considerations you had in mind while designing this logo?

Lemuel: None as such, since it was the first traditional brand I worked for. I came in with an open mind for this project.

Q: A brand of traditional apparels for women – were you able to identify with this, to be able to characterize what the logo should depict?

Lemuel: Initially, no. It was a difficult project since the ethos of Parinita is on one hand extremely traditional, yet on the flip-side its reach to its customers is very modern (through e-commerce). But after a lot of research, Jayanti’s support and her deep knowledge about Bengali sarees and culture, we collectively were able to conceptualise Parinita’s brand identity.

Q: Some unique challenges that you faced here, compared to your other designing projects. How did you address them?

Lemuel: As I mentioned earlier, the characteristics of Parinita are all strikingly different from each other. To add to these challenges, Parinita was not only my first feminine, but also the first ‘traditional’ brand I worked with. 

The typeface used for Parinita greatly resolved these complications. The uppercase styled serif font helped in characterizing the logo’s modern, bold and feminine aspects. The colours used (Maroon and Ochre) along with the traditional Bengali rangoli used as the icon of the logo helped us in depicting Parinita’s Bengali heritage.

Q: What in your opinion is the biggest appeal of the logo?

Lemuel: The logo’s icon - the Bengali rangoli.

Q: Anything else you’d like to share on your experience working for Parinita?

Lemuel: Being one of my first projects as a brand design consultant, Parinita was initially a very difficult project, considering that its personality/characteristics were different from each other as well as way outside my comfort zone. 

But over time I have come to realize that you don’t always get a project in which the client knows exactly what she or he wants, and when required, leaving the reigns to the design consultant to create an identity which is most apt for the brand.

Jayanti struck a balance when it came to knowing what she wanted, and sometimes, trusting me in taking a decision she may not have agreed to initially. It was a pleasure working for Parinita, and I wish it all the best in the future.

Lemuel Satamkar is a Marketing Executive, Brand Manager & Design Consultant based in Mumbai. He can be reached at

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