Red Cotton Chikankari Kurti with Floral Motifs-Women's Chikankari Kurti-parinitasarees
Red Cotton Chikankari Kurti with Floral Motifs
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Chikankari Kurti 

Lucknow, the state capital of Uttar Pradesh, is famous all over the world for its Chikankari stitching. Chikankari work is done all over the world, but native Lucknow chikankari is different because it has flower and vine patterns all over the fabric. 

Chikankari is a distinctive form of hand embroidery that includes an inherent irreplicability, outshining other embroidery styles in terms of its uniqueness and including a broad variety of stitching methods.

Lucknowi Chikankari is now used in men's Kurtas, especially wedding dresses and other women's clothes. Lucknowi chikankari fabric sticks out from the other fabrics on the market and gets everyone's attention. Chikankari embroidery can be done on many different fabrics, but don't forget the classic piece on cotton. Cotton is a great and elegant fabric, and this embroidered cotton is also rich. 

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Uniqueness of Chikankari kurta for women

Embroidery is typically done after the garment has been stitched, however there are exceptions such as suit fabric, skirts, Chikankari sarees, and table linens. Chikankari is a way of making items that involves fine, artistic hand stitching on different kinds of cloth fibers. Simple tools are used to make beautiful designs on simple or light-colored fabrics that are very detailed.

The history of Chikankari, also called Chikan Embroidery, Chikan, and Lucknowi Chikan, dates back more than two centuries. This fine art form dates back to the Mughal era, when it was used to embellish royal garb and domestic textiles. The word "Chikankari" comes from the Hindi "Chikna" (meaning "delicate") and "kari" (meaning "craftsmanship").

Chikankari has evolved into something more significant than an art form or hobby. Its originality and variety of stitching methods make it an art form that cannot be duplicated. There are around 5,000 families in the outlying areas of Lucknow that make a living from the Chikankari embroidery industry.

Art of Lakhnavi Chikankari Kurti

Handwoven Lucknow chikankari is more unique, so it's a great way to make a one-of-a-kind gift or something the embroiderer can be proud of. To add the details that will make the weave stand out, it takes time and thought to go through the cycle. On the other hand, weaving by machine makes smarter-looking work in a fraction of the time it takes to make similar work by hand.

The classic elegance of this style is reflected in our Chikan Kurtis. Our master skilled artisans use methods such as "Phanda," "Bakhiya," "Keel kangan," "Shadow work," "Murri," and "Tepchi" to produce designs that are true to the spirit of Chikankari. Each Kurti is a work of art, sewn by hand with great care.

Chikankari is usually done on white or off-white muslin or cotton fabrics to convey a sense of elegance and purity. Chikan Kurtis, on the other hand, can now be found in an infinite number of shades, materials, and patterns.

The Chikankari Experience | Lakhnavi Ehikankari Kurti

The traditional Chikankari embroidery from Lucknow, which is the city of Uttar Pradesh, is known all over the world. This beautiful craft, called shadow work, is made with fine white cotton thread work on fine white cotton fabric. The name "Chikan" comes from the Persian word "Chikeen."

Chikankari was first made with mulmul, a fine silk cotton. But as time went on, it spread to cotton, wool, chiffon, crepe, organde chiffon and silk fabrics, where it was done with threads of different colors to make beautiful patterns.

Chikankari was shaped in a big way by the intricate carving designs used in Mughal architecture. With a past that goes back more than two hundred years, it was later supported by the Nawabs and became an important part of Lucknow's history.

Today, Chikankari embroidery is done by about 5,000 people, most of whom live in the villages around Lucknow. Surprisingly, nearly 90% of Chikankari work is done by trained women artisans. This helps keep the craft alive and gives local communities more power.

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