Peshwai Pink, Baluchari-Baluchari saree-parinitasarees
Peshwai Pink, Baluchari-Baluchari saree-parinitasarees
Peshwai Pink, Baluchari-Baluchari saree-parinitasarees
Peshwai Pink, Baluchari
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Baluchari Sarees

High Quality and Latest Designs

Baluchari sarees can be traced back to West Bengal 500 years ago. The weaving of these sarees originated in the little village of Baluchar, located in the Murshidabad district of western Bengal. Baluchari is located on the banks of the Bhagirathi River, and its name comes from the Sanskrit word for "sandy river bank." As a result of natural calamities, the original weaving hub was shifted to Bishnupur, where it prospered while under British rule.

Baluchari silk sarees were once worn only on rare occasions by the daughters of landlords and other well-to-do ladies in Bengal. The sarees have gained popularity because of the intricate patterns and labor-intensive handwork used to create them. The Baluchari silk saree of Bengal has become a symbol of the state and a symbol of Bengali culture.

Originally, the sarees were woven using only the highest quality silk thread. The entire thing is hand-woven, and the silk color is consistent throughout. The Baluchari sculptures are beautiful creations. Indian weavers frequently use mythological and folklore symbols in their creations.

The fabric used to make baluchari sarees is silk. They are adorned with  enticing motifs and silk brocade patterns that complement the base hue. The Baluchari saree is beautiful because of the harmony  of its colors. The colors utilized in modern handloom Baluchari silk sarees are bright and bold. More and more modern sarees are made with eco-friendly materials. Neem leaves, banana leaves, fruit dyes, dried twigs, dried flowers, turmeric leaves, etc. are just a few of the natural items utilized in the dying process of Baluchari sarees.


Tips and Tricks on Styling Baluchari Sarees

1. The right blouse 

A deep v neck matching  blouse would make your outfit pop. Baluchari silk saree blouses require additional attention. Try experimenting by wearing a saree with a nice peplum blouse. Simple blouses with Zari borders might balance out these sarees' intricate embellishments.

2. Right Jewelry

Jewels can make a saree look great. Bengali women love traditional gold jewelry. Gold chokers and Kaan Baalis are decent choices. A maang teeka and gold bangles can enhance your beauty. For a wedding party, pair sleek jewelry with your classic Baluchari silk saree. When wearing a heavily woven Baluchari silk saree, keep your jewelry simple. 

3. Open Jacket

Open jackets are becoming a fashionable alternative to stylish blouses for sarees. It works beautifully with the saree and blouse, creating a modern look without sacrificing the saree's classic beauty. You can go all out with an embroidered jacket and a Baluchari saree or dress it down with a plain jacket.

4. Belt 

Wear your Baluchari saree as you normally would, but cinch the pallu in at the waist with a belt. You can even use a kamarbhandh if you want to go for a more traditional look. A perfect belt suiting the saree will work wonders and will add a statement style to the look. Try different types of belt that might suit the saree.

5. Draping Style

Try draping it differently for something unique. You can experiment with different methods and patterns to drape your saree to attain the desired look. Fresh and innovative draping methods are appreciated and imitated by women of all cultures.

6. Layering

The ability to layer things properly is a new and vital fashion skill. A saree is another option. By choosing the right inner or outer layer, you can modernize your Baluchari saree. Layering is about color combinations. Try the color block technique by  mixing contrasting colors for a more refined and classy look.

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