Cotton sarees, the corporate look of Indian women

Cotton sarees, the corporate look of Indian women

When it comes to comfort, no other saree come close to cotton sarees. The lightness and airiness of the fabric makes it every working woman’s best friend!  Women who adore wearing sarees can carry them beautifully at every occasion. Dressing well imbibes a sense positivity within us and gives us confidence in our interactions in the workplace. A common woe faced by working women everyday is "what do I wear to work today"? palazzos, skirts or trousers? salwar suits, shirts or kurtis?

Have you ever considered wearing an ethnic cotton saree to office?

If you love traditional wear, this choice will be the perfect answer to your dilemma. Wearing a cotton saree to office has many perks that we cannot afford to overlook.

  • The tropical climate of south Asia makes cotton the preferred fabric for garments in this region. All accessories required with a cotton saree - such as the petticoat or blouse, are also made of cotton, hence just as comfortable as the saree.
  • Cotton sarees are relatively easy to drape and carry. They are light and airy. Once the pleats are pinned in place, they will stay that way for hours together. 
  • Cotton does not cause any problem to the skin. The viscose trousers or polyester shirts often cause rashes and irritation to the skin, and unlike cotton, are uncomfortable during sweaty summers.
  • The cotton saree is an epitome of simplicity. It gives an elegant and tasteful look and does not requires much accessories to go with it. It can be draped swiftly even when you are in a hurry to reach office on time. Yet, it never fails to produce a “less is more” look!
  • Cotton is temperature-modulating. Be it harsh and scorching summers or freezing winters, cotton miraculously regulates itself to the normal body temperature.
  • Cotton sarees are always good for sensitive skin. Dermatologists routinely advise wearing cotton garments for skin rashes or any forms of irritation to skin.
  • Though, cotton sarees are traditional and ethnic in nature, they are not necessarily obsolete. Their popularity ensures that they are reinvented periodically in accordance with contemporary tastes. Colours, motifs, prints, borders and embroideries evolve continuously to be in consonance with trending styles.
  • Cotton sarees are neither loud, nor do they fail to steal the show. The simplicity and earthiness of a cotton saree will always get you loads of compliments.
  • Cotton sarees get extra points for being durable. Owing to the texture of the sarees, they can be maintained easily to last a long time. 

In addition to being loaded with such goodness, cotton sarees are comparatively cheaper than other fabrics. They fit beautifully into your wardrobe without digging a hole in your pocket. So, get ready to become a leader in the corporate world with this lovely piece of Indian fabric!

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