Handloom kurtis from Bengal

Handloom kurtis from Bengal


Kurtas and kurtis have always been quite popular among women of all age groups. They are hassle-free, comfortable and come in a range of cuts and designs to suit every body type. Paired with leggings, churidars, jeans or salwars, kurtas and kurtis form an essential part of every woman's wardrobe.

Just as with sarees, handloom kurtis from Bengal represent centuries of artistic tradition and weaving heritage. Yet, they are not as easily available as the sarees from Bengal. They signal the coming of age of the Bengali weavers - harnessing their artisanal skills to meet the evolving needs and tastes of the modern woman.

At Parinita, we bring an exclusive collection of handloom and handcrafted kurtis for women:

  • Baluchari Kurtis: Silk kurtis from Bishnupur (West Bengal) adorned with exotic baluchari weavings. The artistic weavings feature scenes and tales from ancient epics and religious texts. These patterns are woven with fine resham threads and often involve intricate "meenakari" work. The simpler kurtis have patterns woven in bands across the kurti front. The more gorgeous kurtis have exotic patterns woven all over the front as well as on the kurti sleeves. The silk is soft and light-weight, making these baluchari kurtis suitable for wearing throughout the year. Pair each kurti with leggings/churidar in a colour that matches the weavings to make a bright and gorgeous ensemble. 

Baluchari silk kurtas and kurtis from Bengal

  • Kantha Kurtis: Cotton, silk or tussar kurtis decorated with intricate kantha embroidery from Shantiniketan (in Bolpur, West Bengal). The hand-embroidered kantha work is done by the rural craftswomen of Bolpur. This art has been passed down through the generations over several centuries.The kantha embroidery is done on the front of the kurtis and ranges from traditional floral-type patterns to modern, trendy designs with "nakshi kantha" effect. Pair each kurti with leggings/churidar in a colour that matches the kantha work to make a bright and gorgeous ensemble. 

Kantha work kurtas and kurtis from Bengal

  • Jamdani Kurtis: Cotton and silk-cotton kurtis made from fabric that are woven using the dhakai jamdani style. The jamdani weaving technique originated in Bangladesh several centuries ago and is extensively practiced in West Bengal today. In the jamdani weaving style, the patterns appear to float on the surface of the fabric, giving a mystical and charming look to the kurtis. The jamdani patterns range from simple, small motifs on the front of the kurti to gorgeous, multi-coloured designs covering the entire front, back and sleeves of the kurti. Pair each kurti with leggings/churidar in a colour that matches the jamdani weavings to make a bright and gorgeous ensemble. 

 Dhakai jamdani kurtas and kurtis collections at Parinita

These kurtis come in different sizes (S/M/L/XL/XXL) and cuts to suit a wide variety of body types. Check the size specifications provided with each kurti description to know which ones are right for you. 


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