How To Spot A Real Baluchari Silk Saree

baluchari silk saree

Traditional sarees are one of the few pieces of India's culture that show how rich it is. Some of the more traditional types of sarees are the Kanjeevaram, Banarasi, Baluchari, and Nauvari. The Baluchari silk saree is among the classic sarees that  have the greatest level of popularity. These sarees are from Bengal, and they are as beautiful and elegant as the state itself.Because of their luxurious fabric and beautiful designs, Baluchari sarees make a woman look like a queen. 

These sarees come from West Bengal and the areas around it. This saree shows how the people of Bengal live. The saree is known for its traditional patterns and palla style, which make it stand out from other saree styles. The women of Bengal love this saree more than any other saree. This saree is a great choice for a lot of women because it looks nice and classy. Textile info media has all the right information about these sarees, such as their availability, the colors they come in, and the best places to buy them.

Women in Bengal are proud to wear these Baluchari sarees. In Bengal, these sarees are very popular for traditional events, holidays, and weddings. This saree is also loved by the royal family and the people of India. Depending on the fabric and colors used, this saree can cost anywhere from a low price to a high price. These sarees are almost cheap enough for a lot of people to buy. You can look up the new designs of these sarees online. 

The Uniqueness of the Baluchari Saree

A great number of people from all across India came to see the Baluchari saree because it had an appearance that was both luxurious and elegant. The baluchari saree was not a piece of clothing that was worn on a daily basis; rather, it was reserved for women of high society. The Baluchari saree was a traditional garment worn by ladies during celebrations and happy occasions like weddings, festivals and birthdays. During that time period, wearing a baluchari saree was a sign that one was wealthy and successful.

  • The pallu of a Baluchari saree is famous for its pattern, which features woven-in depictions of mythological scenes.
  • In India, this designation holds the status of a geographical indication.
  • It takes around 7-8 days to complete the making of the saree which makes it more unique. 
  • The themes of birds and animals can sometimes be found hidden within the flora or fauna of the saree.
  • The ornate embroidered panels  on the pallu  are either inspired by real life or from mythological tales. On the pallu, you will also find a man smoking and a woman with a fan in their hands; the woman represents a foreigner living in India during the time of British control.

Weavers now have the potential to resume their careers as  public preference is moving back towards authenticity.

Baluchari Fabric

The name of this fabric comes from the village of Baluchar, which is on the bank of the Bhagirathi River in the Murshidabad district of West Bengal. The village is now called Jiaganj. Baluchari weaving was popular during the time of Musid Quli Khan, the Diwan of Bengal. Musid Quli Khan was a former Hindu Bramin who converted to Islam. These fabrics are known for their intricate "anchal" designs (palloo). This is considered to be one of the most beautiful and charming Indian silks. "

It's a very pretty silk fabric with extra weft on the "palloo," the border, and the body. Most of the motifs come from social or religious practices, animals, people's ways of life, etc. For example, motifs like a woman holding a flower, a man riding a horse, a chariot, a wedding, a mosque, a temple, scenes from the Ramayana, etc. are often used and arranged in a story-like way in the palloo portion. Also, patterns are placed in the middle of the palloo, and "butties" are all over the body for more detailing.

How to distinguish a genuine Baluchari saree

Baluchari silk sarees are easy to spot because they have a long pallu and their designs are placed in perfect rectangular corners with closed corners so that the designs don't break.

These sarees are famous for their regal appearance and come from West Bengal, where they are traditionally made.Borders are frequently established using stories from the Ramayana and the Mahabharata. The most important thing about a Baluchari Sari is how the design is set up in the palloo by keeping the corner and cross border in perfect boxes. In the past, Baluchari weavers used a technique called "Jala."

The Balucharis, which are a rich part of Bengal's history and are more like a record of the people and culture of a bygone era, have slowly been forgotten. The rhythmic sound of the Jala loom, which made it possible for these richly decorated archives to be made, soon stopped. Today, almost no one knows where Baluchari was first made but it is widely popular. 


When you purchase a baluchari saree, you can be certain that you are bringing seven yards of India's intricate and illustrious history into your wardrobe with you. Balucharis are some of the most beautiful silk sarees from Bengal. They are known for their beautiful borders and pallavas, which show stories and scenes from old religious texts and epics. Baluchari sarees are perfect for festivals, weddings, and other big events because of how rich they look.

Baluchari sarees are only worn to a few special events and weddings. We have a huge selection of Baluchari sarees that are made with great skill. If you want to add a piece of history to your collection of sarees, you should choose one of these. You can buy some of the best Baluchari saree online right now at Parinita.

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