The Lure of Kantha Quilts

The Lure of Kantha Quilts

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They are bright, they are good-looking and they come in some of the most beautiful patterns as well as happy colors. The Kantha Quilts have become the latest talk of the town in the recent times. And why not? The intricate hand-stitching, as well as beautiful detailing of these quilts is worth all the hype and attention. These beautiful quilts are surely going to add a fashionable factor to your boring home needs.

The Kantha Quilts are the South Asian blankets that basically originate in the areas of Bangladesh as well as the eastern states of India. The origin of these Kanthas is from all these places where the women would together stitch a layer upon the layer of their old saris which were further blended with the tossed-aside pieces of cloths in order to create beautiful thin throws, eventually used as home decors such as blankets as well as cushions.

Kantha is basically a form of embroidery which is also used to define and depict the symbols of nature such as the tree of life, the sun, the beautiful plants, moon, etc. Sometimes, various elaborate patterns are also added into the Kanthas which signify nothing but the family stories that the designers behind it would want to depict. Both the sides of Kantha quilts appear to be equally decorative and elaborated, however, none of the sides remain identical to each-other and this is what makes this piece of art exquisite and exclusive.

Kantha quilts are so much in fashion today and the authentic throws of Kantha are usually handmade. All these Kantha pieces vary in terms of their size, colors, patterns, etc. Because of such playful nature of this art, Kantha is weaved and made into a number of decorative pieces such as pillow covers, table clothes, bags, kantha scarves and quilts. The fashion of Kantha quilts has become widespread today and this trend is shaping up a huge popularity at several international platforms as well.

The multi-tasker Kantha drape beautifully across the sofas and laying it over the arm of your love seat, Sofa or couch adds a new pattern to your living room. To add another level of fun, you can also tuck a Kantha quilt under your sofas and give the room an instant update. Kantha quilts can also be modified into pretty tablecloths. The pretty patterns and thin layers of the Kantha quilts give a new and a vibrant style to your old boring cornered table, thereby making it all the more trendy and stylish. Likewise, Kantha quilts could be stitched into beautiful pillow covers as well. The bright colors, as well as poppy prints of these quilts, surely add an element into the dull setting of your sofas and cushions.

Kantha Quilts have emerged to become an overnight sensation and following such huge popularity of Kantha Quilts, a number of people are preferring them over the boring quilts. The colorful fabric, the layered designs, the amusing pattern and the overall beautiful appearance of these quilts is worth all the buzz.


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