Like most regions in India, Bengal too has its traditional way of draping sarees. Though not an everyday style among Bengali women any more, they still adopt this style of draping on special occasions such as Durga Puja or at family weddings. Interestingly, in earlier generations, this was considered the casual way to drape sarees, suitable for women when doing household activities such as cooking, washing, etc.

The “Atpourey Style”

Atpur, a small village in Hooghly, West Bengal was known for weaving coarser sarees for everyday wear. The casual style of draping sarees got its name “atpourey” meaning informal from here. It is rather simple, doesn’t require careful pleating, and used to be a convenient way for women to carry their keys by tying the keyring at the end of the pallav.

Here’s a short video illustrating the Bengali atpourey style of draping sarees.