10 Reasons To Start Wearing A Panjabi Kurta For Men

10 Reasons To Start Wearing A Panjabi Kurta For Men

India is a big country, and every hundred kilometers, the culture and feel of the area change. Cultural differences appear in many ways, but clothing is the most obvious. Males wore kurta pajamas for hundreds of years before we all decided to dress like people in the West. But kurta pajamas were always popular, trendy, and elegant. Today in India, the Kurta is a timeless garment that has been a staple of men's fashion for centuries. The kurta is a traditional Indian shirt that falls to the knees and is typically made of cotton.It is usually worn with loose-fitting pants called churidars.  It is usually worn with loose-fitting pants called churidars. 

Each part of India has its own traditional clothes, and Bengali Kurta for men with pajamas is one example. Bengal also has its own rendition of this favorite ethnic outfit. The Bengalis refer to the Kurta as a  'Panjabi Kurta,' possibly because they borrowed this outfit from Punjabis. The Bengali Panjabi kurta is similar to the Punjabi Kurta in several ways, but there are some subtle differences between the two. 

Here are ten reasons why you should start wearing a Panjabi kurta for men right away: 

1) Kurtas are incredibly comfortable

The loose fit and the soft fabric make them a pleasure to wear, whether at work, a party, or home. The fabric of the Kurta is so comfortable that you can wear it all day. Moreover, you can style your Kurta for any occasion or festival, pairing it with the right bottoms and accessories. 

2) The Kurta is stylish and can be dressed up or down

Bengali men often wear a Panjabi kurta with jeans for a casual look or with churidars for a more formal occasion. Bengali Kurtas for men come in many designs and colors to suit every taste. The younger generation can, of course, wear something slightly trendier and more stylish. 

3) The Panjabi Kurta for men is versatile 

Traditional Panjabi kurtas can be worn with chinos for a modern look. Indo-Western polo pants are another current alternative. Once you're used to the comfort, you can wear these with sherwanis as well. Wear your Panjabi kurta over jeans or thick cotton pants for a casual look.

4) Kurtas are appropriate for all occasions 

Bengali men's kurtas are famous for weddings and other formal events. But the Kurtas are also perfect for casual occasions, such as a day at the office or a night out with friends. Regardless of the occasion, you can't go wrong with a kurta.

5) The Kurta is relaxed and comfortable in all weather

The loose fit and breathable fabric of a kurta make it the perfect choice for wearing in hot weather. If it is hot and sunny out there, keeping that in mind, cotton would undoubtedly be your pick for summer and monsoon ,whereas silk may be more suitable for the festive occasion and a good choice for winter seasons. 

6) The Kurta gives a traditional look with different fabric

An authentic Bengali fabric distinguishes Panjabis from the usual Kurta, which can be either tussar silk, cotton-silk, or muga-silk with kantha embroidery on the neckline or buttonholes.

7) The Kurta can make a statement outfit

The famous indigenous Kantha embroidery of West Bengal and Bangladesh is used for making the Kurta. You can wear these Punjabi kurtas to social events, festivals, formal events, or even casual get-togethers if you pair them with pajamas, dhotis, denim, or trousers. You can stand out from the crowd wearing a Panjabi Kurta.

8) The Kurta is stylish and beautiful

You can choose heavy silk, silk, cotton, Khaadi, or jute cotton, among other materials. If you want to look classy, you can wear a Panjabi kurta with simple designs. Still, you can always take it up a notch during the holidays by choosing elaborate designs and embroidery.

9) Unique Fusion

Bengali men usually wear grad silk kurtas in shades of beige, cream, and honey to weddings. Panjabi kurta is worn with jeans or pants for a unique mix of tradition and comfort.

10) Popular Panjabi Kurta from Punjab

Kurtas in the Punjabi style are popular all over the subcontinent. Because of this, in Bengal and Bangladesh, these are famous with the name Panjabi Kurta. The Kurta is called "Panjabi" because it is associated with Punjab and is thought to be a piece of Punjabi clothing.

The Best Pairing Option 

The white shalwar is a classic that will last forever. Salwars with a narrow ankle look good with almost any type of Panjabi kurta, and churidars can be worn on special occasions. Even though the Panjabi kurta is a traditional piece of clothing, it can also be worn with chinos to make a modern mix. Indo-Western polo pants are also a comfortable and trendy choice. It is loose from the waist to the knees, and from the knees to the ankles, it gets tighter. Once you get used to their comfort, you can usually wear them with sherwanis or regular Panjabi Kurtas. You can always wear your Panjabi with jeans or gabardine pants for a casual look.

Shop Panjabi Kurta For Men From Parinita 

Men's clothes don't have a lot of colors and patterns. But today, you can choose from many different kurta and bottom wear styles made in the Bengali style. Choose a Bengali kurta for men that you can carry easily and wear to stand out.

Bengali people adopted this clothing style from Punjab and the North West Frontier provinces. The dress got the name "Panjabi" because that area was called "Panjab" in informal Bengali. This is similar to how "Madrasi" is used by people from the North to describe everyone from South India. Cotton, silk, pure silk, and tussar silk are some of the materials available in our fashionable kurtas for men. Each Kurta is infused with Bengali culture through the fabric, the embroidery, or the garment's cut. 

To Sum Up 

Gone are the days when women's fashion wear overshadowed the men's fashion scene. A panjabi kurta is one of the most common Bengali kurtas for men on the market.. With the broad range of designs and styles available this season, let's wear Panjabi Kurta in style. Shop for Bengali men's Kurta, Panjabi kurta for men, and more on our online store  Parinita.co.in.
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