How To Style Your Bridal Banarasi Silk Saree

How To Style Your Bridal Banarasi Silk Saree

A saree is an important part of Indian culture and has been seen for centuries as a way to enhance a woman's pride. Indian goddesses, called Devis, are often shown wearing bright silk sarees, which have both a religious and a spiritual meaning. When Banarasi silk sarees are in the picture, they play a big part in bringing India's history to the forefront. One of India's national treasures is the Banarasi saree, which is often preferred by brides.

When a girl wears a perfect bridal saree and walks down the aisle with a smile and grace, everyone will stop for a moment to admire her style. A perfect bridal saree adds elegance and glam to the bride's look and ensures that her wedding will be one to remember. When you are happy, everything feels just right, from the tiny sparkles of gems to the elegance of the saree. 


Bridal Banarasi Silk Saree 

Weaving is an old craft that is both lively and mysterious. It has changed over time to fit the design tastes of the modern Indian woman. From the holy city of Banaras to the famous clothing made from it, Banarasi silk is a must-have for every bride-to-be. There's no doubt about the beauty of this wedding dress. The bridal Banarasi saree looks so magical and otherworldly. When a bride wears a Banarasi saree on her wedding day, it makes her look like a goddess.

Banarasi sarees for weddings are some of the most beautiful sarees in the world. It is fine and perfect because it was made with high-quality silk and real gold and silver zari. When our master Banarasi weavers make a bridal saree, they put their heart and soul into it. This is why it is considered lucky and holy in India.


Love For Thee Banarasi Saree For Brides

When we think of a bridal Banarasi saree, we think of a bright red silk saree with a lot of intricate gold zari work all over it. Red became a significant Banarasi bridal saree color. As our ancestors thought, it was important to our culture and mythology. Red is used to show the goddess Durga, who is thought to be every woman's inner strength and a symbol of pride, courage, and not being afraid. Banarasi sarees are always at the height of fashion. All you have to do is put on the right banarasi saree at the right time.

Pure banarasi silk sarees show India's history and unity because the silk fabric comes from the south and is woven and decorated in the north. The labour of love is made by hand in only a few places in Uttar Pradesh, such as Banaras, Mirzapur, and others. The best thing about banarasi sarees is that they aren't just worn by women in Uttar Pradesh. Instead, they are thought about by women all over the country. This beautiful work of art is one of the best pure silk sarees you can find online. 

Banarasi Saree In Lehenga Style

If you like to wear a heavy lehenga to family weddings, you should use a heavy banarasi saree to make a lehenga. Take a Banarasi dupatta in a color that stands out and pair it with a statement necklace and a hand-embroidered potli-style handbag for more elegance. Our online store has  heavy banarasi sarees and gorgeous banarasi dupattas. A woman wearing a banarasi saree in the style of a lehenga with a banarasi saree of a different color.

Banarasi Saree With Belt

The Banarasi silk saree is the best thing to wear to a nighttime event. Find a handwoven Banarasi silk saree and you'll be ready to shine at the event. A belt is always a good idea. It won't be, so just spruce up your look by adding a waistband to a red bridal Banarasi saree to get everyone's attention. On your wedding day, you can reclaim and keep everyone's attention by flaunting yourself with a shiny waistband.

Drape your banarasi saree in belt style. Use the pallu to make beautiful plates. Put a belt around the pallu's waist to make it fit better. Pair it with a blouse with off-shoulder sleeves and classic jewelry that looks great with your outfit.

Dress for a Bengali bride's wedding

Most of the time, the bride wears a Banarasi silk saree that is draped in a traditional Bengali way. Red is the most popular color for a bride's saree, but other common colors include maroon, magenta, and pink. The heavy gold or silver Zari work and embroidery on the Benarasi Saree only add to the beauty of the beautiful bride.

Two Banarasi’s

To complete the outfit and add charm, wear a Banarasi dupatta in a different color as a headband, wrap it around your hand, or drape it over your shoulder. With the correct blouse, this would be a full set. Wear a bright and distinctive shirt with ruffles and frills to be the talk of the town. So, to shine like a diva and keep everything exciting and in rhythm, add a quirky deep-cut shirt with semi-sleeves and ruffled sleeves to your pick.


To draw everyone's attention to your beautiful Banarasi saree, keep your makeup simple by doing a winged eyeliner and a nude eye shadow. To finish off the jazzy look, choose a red hot or maroon lipstick for a bold look that turns up the heat.



Banarasi sarees are always in style and can be worn to any event. The way women have always felt about banarasi sarees is unchangeable. We know that banarasi sarees and the fine zari work on them are very popular. Rich banarasi fabric has a long history of elegance and class that makes every woman want to have a timeless collection of banarasi sarees in her closet.

With our banarasi saree collections, putting on a heavy banarasi saree will be a magical experience. The local weavers make the handloom sarees with all their love and care. First, you'll need a Banarasi saree. It's like finding an old trail while wearing a bright Banarasi saree.Make a statement by wearing it with a contrast blouse and completing the outfit with a detailed gold necklace and jhumkas..Choose the classic Banarasi saree for the upcoming wedding season to look more elegant and poised. 

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