Drape your Dupatta with elegance

Drape your Dupatta with elegance

Dupattas are widely popular among South Asian women and form an essential part of every woman’s wardrobe. They come in a variety of fabrics ranging from traditional handlooms to fancy, synthetic ones. Dupattas are very fashion friendly, and adorned with woven, painted, printed or embroidered patterns, they can be paired with almost anything to add a quick charm to your appearance.  There are multiple ways to drape your dupatta which in no time will accentuate your gorgeousness!

The Neck Wrap

Best Dupatta from Parinita

This is one of the most common ways to drape a dupatta. The neck wrap allows the outfit to be the central focus, while the dupatta serves as an accessory.  Wrapping the dupatta around your neck is the simplest way to glam up your look. The neck wrap adds elegance to your look and its simplicity speaks volumes.

The side sweep

My favourite dupatta from Parinita

The biggest bonus of the glamorous side sweep is that this draws focus to both the outfit and the dupatta. This is a very simple way to look gorgeous as it just requires pinning the dupatta to your blouse or kurta.

U-Shaped urn

I love dupattas from Parinita

This style of draping a dupatta is particularly famous among Punjabi women.  U-shaped turn looks perfect, when paired with churidars or patialas. Just roll the dupatta on one side of the neck and let the other side hang loose.

Frontal fetish

Beautiful Ethnic wear from Parinita

This is a popular way of draping a dupatta for a casual, everyday look. The simplicity of this style makes it a favorite among women when they are looking to put together a quick ensemble for day-to-day activities.The frontal fetish can be draped with formal or casual wear.

Scarfing up the dupatta

Classy Dupattas only at Parinita

Silk dupattas can also be sported as scarves on a chilly day. Scarves look elegant with just a knot to hold the dupatta on one side, closer to the neck.

Belt it Smart

Make style statement with Parinita

Drop the conventional ways to wear a dupatta and pump up your look by belt it smart drape. Neatly fold your dupatta and wear it up your neck. Belt it up at your waist level and carefully start taking out the dupatta from both the sides until it looks enough baggy. Sport your party look with this smart style and get ready to bag loads of compliments.

 Seedha pallu dupatta

Dupatta from Parinita

Seedha pallu dupatta creates a playful look and adds a surprise element to the outfit. It is an interesting way to show off parts of your dress while keeping the rest covered, and goes well with lehengas and anarkalis.

Over the head dupatta


This is the most ancient way of draping a dupatta and was traditionally worn by women as a symbol of modesty. Today, this style has made a comeback as a fashion statement with traditional outfits.


Style is all about experimenting and creating new ways of enjoying your outfit. Dupatta has come a long way from veiling women to being the style statement that it is today. Dupattas can be draped in many quirky, unconventional ways, apart from the traditional ones, to recreate magic and add to your charm. So, get started with trying each of these styles and be ready to bag great praises and compliments!




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