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Keep your wedding silks forever new!

Keep your wedding silks forever new!

With every saree we buy, we satiate a part of our soul that longs to preserve Indian culture in our wardrobe. Our weddings are an integral part of this vibrant culture. Every Indian bride chooses her wedding trousseau with utmost care and detailing. Selecting the colours, textures and patterns of the sarees take up the bulk of her preparation time. For the pre-wedding ceremonies, such as sangeet and haldi leading up to the wedding day, the bride carefully picks out her sarees for each occasion. The wedding sarees have enormous significance to every woman and it is absolutely necessary to take care of these sarees to preserve them for life. Here are some tips to let the wedding silks speak of freshness every time:

  • Do not let the lovely silk sarees hang on metal hangers. They are to be stored in a cool, dry place with each saree placed in a separate cotton bag. Silica gel packets can also be placed in the bags to prevent the growth of fungus on your silk sarees.
  • The unused silk sarees need to be aired at least once a year. Take the sarees out of your cupboard and let them stay in sunlight for a couple of hours. Letting the sarees out in the sun will help the sarees retain their shine and maintain their color.
  • To regain the lost shine of a silk saree, wash it in one-fourth cup distilled white vinegar, mixed in a gallon of water. Also, wash off the vinegar well, so that the fabric does not get tampered.
  • For embellished sarees with heavy embroidery, make sure to fold it with the work side inside. This would prevent any tear in the saree.
  • Never hang the heavily embellished sarees on hangers as the heavy embroidery may stretch and tear the fabric.
  • Try to avoid keeping ironed silk sarees untouched in the wardrobe for long periods of time. The sarees may tear at the iron folds. It is advised to keep changing the folds of the saree every 3-4 months to increase its life.
  • Ironing the sarees at the correct temperature setting is very crucial. For delicate silk sarees, it is better to place the sarees under a fine cloth during ironing, to avoid direct contact with heat.
  • Refrain from washing the sarees too often. For sarees that can be hand-washed, they should be washed in salt water the first time as this helps the colors to stay for longer.
  • Squeezing the fabric too hard to remove excess water might also tamper it. Air-drying naturally is the best way to prevent any damage to the saree fabric.
  • To get rid of oil/ghee stains talcum powder works as a miracle. The talcum powder soaks up the oil and then the saree may be washed with a mild detergent.
  • Conditioning is also important for designer sarees. “Fabric conditioners” are available in the market, which are to be used after washing the saree. Just dip the sarees in the solution for 10 minutes and let it dry in the air.
  • In case the saree needs to be ironed at home, do not forget to sprinkle a few drops of water before ironing the saree.
  • The natural sheen of silk can also be restored by washing them with protein shampoo.

Women love sarees with all their heart and soul. Wedding sarees are exceptionally important as they stay as a memento of the most cherished phase of our life. A little effort will keep our memories afresh when we open the wardrobe and feel wonderful about our very special wedding silks.

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