Indian Tradition in Europe - Sarees that accompanied me on my Euro trip

Indian Tradition in Europe - Sarees that accompanied me on my Euro trip

As a child, I had always possessed a deep passion for Hindi cinema and its various offerings. In particular, I was enamored with the manner in which Hindi cinema heroines would elegantly billow their saree pallu amidst the picturesque locales of Europe. It had been a long-standing aspiration of mine to traverse the streets of Europe adorned in a saree. This year, I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to fulfill this dream and embark on a ten-day journey across various parts of Europe. Naturally, the first items I packed in my luggage were my exquisite collection of sarees.

Eventually, I arrived at the destination and found myself obligated to participate in a modest cultural assembly. I made the deliberate choice to enhance the occasion by adorning a traditional red and white taat saree.

Renowned for its distinctive weaving technique and captivating hues, taant sari undoubtedly contributed to my overall appearance, instilling within me a surge of self-assurance to excel at the gathering. I paired my saree with a red peplum top to create an Indo-western fusion aesthetic. A subtle application of makeup and a red bindi complemented my traditional attire.

As a fervent admirer of lt. legendary actress Sridevi, aka Chandani I ensured to allocate a day to style myself in a Chiffon saree, to exude the same aura as the diva.

This Yellow Marble Chiffon saree proved to be the optimal selection to emulate my fashion icon. Encouraged by my inner fashion diva, I had numerous photographs taken to capture the essence of this inspired fashion endeavor. I paired this exquisite saree with a pink bustier top to achieve a chicer look.

My European fashion excursion would have been incomplete without the inclusion of this exquisite, brilliant blue chiffon saree.

It evoked my inner diva and reinforced my conviction that one can exude sensuality without compromising their modesty. The hue of this saree captivated my heart, as it harmoniously complemented the picturesque green meadows, radiant sunshine, and delightful weather, further enhancing the allure of adorning this resplendent garment.

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