Guide to choose a perfect saree for your body type .

Sarees for your  body type.

Saree is one the most opulent outfits. It makes a woman look like the true epitome of grace and elegance. It brings out your feminine beauty and leaves the spectators mesmerized. A conscious effort to pick the right saree according to your body type can take your fashion game to the next level. We are delighted to share some tips and ideas that will help you in picking out the right saree for your body type along with some unique draping styles which will make you look more curvaceous.

Pear Shaped Body


Pear shaped beauties are blessed with the most attractive bodies. They have a slimmer upper body ,a wider bottom and a well-defined waistline. 

What to opt : Thinner fabrics such as georgette and chiffon are your best pals. These fabrics strike a balance between your upper body and bottom by accentuating your curves and raise your glamour quotient.

What to avoid: Any stiff fabric such as tussar silk or tissue should be completely avoided. Mermaid drape fails miserably to show off your curvy silhouette.

Best way to drape :Go for the simple broad pallu drape as it will highlight your slender upper body and that curvy waistline.

Pear shaped Bollywood celebrities: Your Bollywood twin is Iliana D’ Cruz


Apple shaped Body:

Apple shaped darlings have a fuller mid section with a broad torso and toned legs. Their upper body is comparatively wider than their bottom part. A redefined mid section can create the nicest silhouette  for them.

What to opt: Silk sarees with motifs are your best friend. Breezy fabrics like georgette and chiffon too will raise your oomph factor.

What to avoid: Satin and net fabrics should be avoided as they tend to draw attention towards your fuller upper body.

Best way to drape: The traditional reverse pallu drape is a great way to stand out in the crowd.

Apple shaped Bollywood celebrity : Sonakshi Sinha is the finest example of an apple body.



Hour glass Body

Hour glass shaped divas have equally proportionate shoulders and bottom with a well-defined waist.

What to opt: Sarees made of net, chiffon, georgette fabrics will compliment your curves. Darker shade sarees with light embroidery will further enhance your curves.

What to avoid: Being blessed with a splendid body you can flaunt your curves in any saree.

Best way to drape: The mermaid drape is the best way to flatter the hourglass figure and celebrate the curves.

Hour glass shaped Bollywood celebrity: Your celebrity twin is Priyanka Chopra.


Inverted triangle Body:

Inverted triangle body shape queens have wider upper body ,a well defined waist and comparatively narrower bottom and thighs. Also known as the “model body” it is considered to be one of the most  coveted shapes.

What to opt: Silk fabric or net fabric will accentuate your well defined waist.

What to avoid: Abstain from letting your pallu spill from the edges of your shoulder as it will draw away attention from your curvy waistline.

Best way to drape : The corner pallu drape which only has the corner end of the pallu at the shoulder helps to keep the volume at the upper body minimal.

Inverted triangle shaped Bollywood celebrity: Hey! Bipasha Basu is your body twin.


Rectangular Body

Rectangular body shape sweethearts have equal upper and lower body measurements with an average midriff .They can pull off fluffy fabric sarees effortlessly with a lot of grace.

What to opt : Fabrics such as net, cotton, brocade, organza are the easiest way to add volume and help enhance curves.

What to avoid: Clingy fabrics that draw attention towards the smaller midriff should be kept at bay.

Best way to drape: A plated pallu pinned on the left shoulder highlights your sleek frame and gives you a curvy silhouette.

Rectangular body shaped Bollywood celebrity: Jaqueline Fernandes is your Bollywood body twin.




   Our Style Mantra : Heels before , Drape after! 

We truly believe that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. These amazing saree tips will not only amplify your fashion game but also help you to pull off the beautiful outfit and flaunt it the way its meant to be.

Shubhra Joshi

(Consulting Stylist)


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