Tussar Silk Saree Maintenance Tips

Tussar Silk Saree Maintenance Tips

Tussar silk sarees are the most expensive and sought-after type of silk saree. Understanding how to care for beautiful sarees is crucial if you want them to retain their luster over time. Almost every woman loves putting on a tussar silk saree because it is so fun to wear. Tussar silk sarees only come in natural colors so that the person wearing them looks bright. Tussar silk sarees are woven with the finest threads with the help of high-tech machines. Some women think it's hard to take care of these types of sarees, but if the right instructions are followed, it's not hard at all.

A saree made of Tussar silk is easy to stain. So, it is up to the person wearing the saree to keep it clean and free of stains so that it doesn't get damaged and keeps its shine. To keep the saree's shine and beauty, extra care needs to be taken. Tussar silk sarees can be dry cleaned or cleaned with a special cleaning solution. One should use the softeners to keep the quality of the clothes as a whole.

These kinds of sarees are among the more expensive ones, so they should be saved for special occasions. Tussar silk sarees should be ironed very carefully by adjusting the heat so that the saree doesn't get damaged. With cool water and detergents or mild shampoos, you can wash things well. One can also make the solution and then use it to properly rinse the fabric. The solution will help get rid of the tough stains on the saree. These kinds of sarees shouldn't be washed too often, or else they'll lose their original beauty.


Tips To Maintain Tussar Silk Sarees

Silk sarees are typically purchased for important events and are frequently emotionally charged. You should treat them with the respect due anything of such great worth if you wish to enjoy their benefits for as long as possible. Contrary to popular belief, caring for a silk saree does not require special equipment or a lot of money. Since tussar silk sarees require so much careful maintenance to preserve their smoothness and softness, many women don't own more than one or two. In light of this, it is useful to be aware of these specific procedures.

Wash with care

Silk sarees can't always be dry cleaned because there isn't always enough time or energy to go to the dry cleaner. You can wash silk sarees at home, which is good news. Water alone will do! When the saree is new, don't use soap for at least two washes. After you've washed your saree a few times, use a mild protein shampoo mixed with plain water to rinse it. This will keep the saree's shine and luster.

You can also wash silk sarees with soap nuts, which is said to keep the softness and shine of silks. One more tip is to mix a quarter cup of white vinegar with a gallon of water and then rinse the vinegar off well.

Don't use strong chemicals.

The saree shouldn't be soaked in water for a long time. You shouldn't brush, beat, twist, or otherwise mistreat your saree, either. Don't let it dry in direct sunshine. If you can, use a towel to blot the saree dry so that the water can escape more rapidly.

Smart storage

Never put a silk saree in the same box as other fabrics. If you can, wrap it in muslin and keep it by itself so it doesn't rub against other fabrics and get torn. This is because friction with other fabrics will damage the silk and cause it to tear. You should never use a brush to get dust off a silk saree. Every few months, take the saree out and change the way it is folded so that the edges don't fray. It's best to fold the saree so that the embroidery or zari is inside and not exposed to the outside. Use silica gel bags to soak up any extra water so that mold doesn't grow on the sarees.

Act on stains right away

The best way to get stains out of a saree is to dry clean it as soon as you get a stain on it.

The gasoline used in dry cleaning makes it easy to get rid of tough and dark stains. Protein shampoos can sometimes help get stains out of sarees as well. You can get rid of stains from oil and ghee by sprinkling talcum powder on them and then washing them with cold water and a mild detergent. A good way to get rid of stains is to mix hydrogen peroxide and NH2.

Iron carefully

When you iron a silk saree, use low heat. If the wrinkles don't go away, put a fine muslin cloth over the saree and iron it on high heat. Silk sarees are best pressed with a steam iron. Also, change the way the saree is folded every so often to keep it from getting a permanent mark.

Level of dry cleaning at the start

If you dry clean a brand-new tussar silk saree, there is a good chance that the color will run. So, you should wash your tussar silk by hand at home. This will keep the colors from running when you wash it again.

The key is to be gentle.

Your tussar silk saree can last longer if you avoid getting it wet. The fibers in your tussar silk saree will become tangled if you let it sit in a large amount of water. Silk sarees should never be dried in direct sunlight. Instead, they should always be dried in the shade.

Your Tussar silk saree will retain its luster and splendor if you treat it with the tender loving care it deserves and this is an excellent method for doing so. Care for a saree should begin with a dry washing. Don't squeeze out the extra water when hand washing a Tussar silk saree. It needs to be hung in the shade to prevent fading. Store them in muslin bags, as the material will allow air to circulate.



Can a silk saree be hung or folded in a safe area?

Yes, you can hang silk sarees on plastic hangers or fold them up and store them in a cool, dry place like a cupboard. Before putting the silk sarees away, make sure to wrap each one in a separate muslin cloth so that they don't rub against each other.

Can a detergent Soap be used to wash a silk saree?

Yes, detergent soap can be used to clean silk sarees. But make sure you only wash your silk saree by hand and that you use a mild detergent soap for hand washing instead of a harsh one for machine washing.

Can a saree made of tussar silk be washed after it has been worn once?

Yes, once you've worn a Tussar silk saree, you can wash it. But try to only use plain water to wash new silk sarees. For the first few washes, don't use detergent.

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