A Guide To Choosing Work Wear Sarees!

A Guide To Choosing Work Wear Sarees!

Women are becoming an important part of the workplace as more and more of them pursue decent educations and work in corporations. Today, women play an increasingly significant role in the business sector, and to reflect their newfound status, they want an attire that is professional, attractive in apparencies to wear all day and something that you feel comfortable in. A beautiful saree definitely fits the bill here. Sarees are designed to be worn for extended periods of time, so in addition to being gorgeous, they are also comfortable.

Key Characteristics Of Work Wear Sarees:

Work wear sarees are a type of sarees that are suitable for women who work in professional settings, such as offices, schools, universities or factories. The sarees and the fabrics must be easy to wear, breathable, easy to maintain, elegant and reasonably priced. The most important thing about sarees for work is that they have to give you a professional look.

Here are a few key characteristics that make a saree suitable for work wear:

Professional appearance: A work wear saree should have a professional and formal appearance, without being too flashy or over the top. Neutral colors like beige, cream, or navy blue are typically a good choice for the office.

Comfort: A saree that is comfortable to wear is essential for work, as you will likely be wearing it for long periods of time. Look for a saree made of lightweight, breathable materials like silk, which will help you stay cool and comfortable throughout the day.

Easy to drape and maintain: A work wear saree should be easy to drape and maintain, as you may not have a lot of time to get ready in the morning. Look for a saree with a pre-stitched pleat or that is easy to drape, and choose a material that doesn't wrinkle easily.

Appropriate length: The length of the saree should be appropriate for work, covering your legs comfortably when you're sitting and not ride up.

Suitable for the occasion: Consider the type of occasion you need the saree for, as this will help determine the level of formality and embellishment that is appropriate. For formal events, a more luxurious silk saree may be suitable, while a casual saree would be better for everyday wear.

Types of work wear sarees:

Many sarees from Eastern India are very suitable for workplaces such as Tant, Handspun Cotton, Muslin, and Jamdani. In addition, there are sarees from other parts of India which are also suitable for workplace such as Chanderi. Below mentioned are several types of sarees that are suitable for work, each with their own unique characteristics:

Silk sarees: Certain silk sarees which are simple and elegant with subtle undertones of luxury  are a classic choice for work wear because of their durability, breathability, and comfort. Also, they drape well and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Traditional silk sarees like Banarasi and Kanjivaram silk are great for formal events, while more casual silk sarees like Tussar or Muga silk are perfect for everyday workwear. The ease with which these silk sarees exude style, luxury and statement of professionalism is the reason why these sarees are the top choice for workwear for women in top positions. 

Tussar sarees: Tussar sarees stand out for their unique uneven and slightly rough texture. The sheen of the silk gives it a rich look while the uneven texture gives it a solemn look. The blend of these two characteristics is what makes Tussar sarees perfect for work. Carry it with confidence in your important business meetings and pair it with a light dab of makeup.

Cotton sarees: Cotton sarees are another great choice for work wear because they are lightweight, breathable, and comfortable. They also have a more casual look, making them suitable for everyday workwear. There are different types of cotton sarees to choose from:

Tant sarees: Tant sarees are a special kind of cotton saree that are usually made by very skilled rural weavers and artists who use handlooms. This saree is perfect for the hot and sticky summer months because its surface is thin and airy. Usually, it has a variety of colorful floral motifs that are embroidered. The best thing about Tant saree is that you don't have to do extra work to keep it in good shape.

Handspun cotton saree: A handspun cotton saree is easy to wear to work because it is light and the fabric is smooth and shiny. The handspun cotton imparts these sarees a unique texture. On a day with lots of work, it is the best thing to wear. If you like to wear sarees to work or the office on a regular basis, you should check out our handspun cotton sarees online.

Muslin saree: If you're in a hurry to get to the office but still want to look good, choose a fabric that is light and airy. Muslin sarees are a great choice for any occasion. Find colors that you like, such as pastels or darker colors with prints or embroidery. Wear them to work with a printed top that goes with them or one that stands out from them, and you'll have the best work clothes ever.

Cotton silk mix: Cotton silk sarees give you the best of both worlds - lightweight and comfy feel of cotton sarees and richness of silk. They are also straightforward to drape and are one of the best options for office and work. In all seasons, cotton is the most comfortable fabric to wear. The fabric of these sarees makes them adaptable and simple to accessorize. A Cotton Silk saree can make you appear flawless in an instant. This Indian saree has evolved repeatedly to fulfill the needs of both traditional and contemporary women.

Jamdani saree: Jamdani sarees will make you stand out, whether you're going to the office, meeting your friends for a fun brunch, or going to a business event. A Jamdani saree is one of the most popular types of traditional Indian clothing since it feels luxurious and flows gracefully. People also like to wear designer Jamdani silk sarees to weddings.

Chanderi saree: Work-appropriate Chanderi cotton-silk sarees are light, soft, and comfy drapes with their unique style of block prints. In some cases they may also have just a dash of zari work. For significant events such as conferences or company festivities, you might wear a Chanderi silk piece to add shine without being inappropriate for a professional situation. Your regular makeup procedure, followed by a coordinating lip color, should be sufficient to achieve this look.

It's important to consider the office dress code and culture when choosing a saree for work. Also, personal preference and comfort should be also considered while making the choice. In general, it's a good idea to stick with neutral colors and simple patterns or prints, and to choose a saree that is easy to drape and maintain.


To Sum Up

Following these tips should help you choose a silk saree that is perfect for work, whether you're attending a meeting, a conference, or a formal business event. The sarees mentioned above are a nice change from the boring clothes most people wear to work, and they also look elegant and classy. You can try out different styles of sarees to look different every day. Parinita has beautiful and authentic sarees that you can buy online from the comfort of your home and wear to work with confidence. 

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